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Multi-function Analyzers

The PRO Series is SATEC’s cost-effective line of power meters for advanced power monitoring applications of both AC and DC current.
With waveform recording capabilities and 16GB of storage it is a powerful Class A, Ed. 3 power-quality analyzer and event recorder.

Featuring multiple protocols (IEC 61850, DNP3 and IEC 60870-5-101/104) and dual-port ethernet, it is the ultimate solution for power monitoring, meeting and exceeding current requirements in utility and industrial applications.

Revenue Meter: Class 0.2/0.2S accuracy; anti-tamper design; IR interface
Wide-range Inputs: 1,000V AC / 1,500V DC*

Power Quality

  • Class A, Ed. 3 analyzer per IEC 61000-4-30
  • EN50160 reports
  • Waveform capture and recording
  • Up to 0.0001 Hz resolution
  • Leakage current detection via 4th current input


  • Dual Port Ethernet: RSTP support
  • IEC 61850
  • Open protocol: Modbus RTU; DNP3.0; IEC 60870-5-101/104;

Digital & Analog I/O

  • Built-in I/O (optional): 1 RO; 2 DI; 1 AI
  • Modular I/O: up to 24 digital I/O

Direct current metering with Hall Effect Sensors:

  • Up to 4,000A DC with SATEC supplied sensors
  • Up to 820V DC direct measurement
  • Up to 3,000V DC with supplied Voltage Ratio Module

Multi-option Current Inputs

  • 5A or 1A
  • 40mA for HACS CTs (100-3,000A)
  • special input: clip-on 5A HACS for retrofit
  • GWP interface: 225mV inputs, interfacing Greenwood Power’s MV sensors
* VRM needed above 820V DC

Multi-Functional 3-Phase Power Meter

  • Real time ½ cycle RMS calculation of voltage, current, power, demand and energy
  • Vector diagram and symmetrical components

Power Quality

  • Class S analyzer
  • EN50160 reports
  • Voltage Dips/Sags, Interruptions, Swells, Unbalance, Transient and THD events recording
  • THD of voltage and current, custom alarming, TDD, K factor, Crest factor
  • Individual harmonics, up to the 63rd harmonic

DC Metering

DC Current Metering

The PRO Series meters function as analyzers for direct current (DC) systems as well. This application is based on the PRO models featuring 40mA inputs (the HACS model), using Hall Effect Sensors.
currents up to 4,000A DC.

DC Voltage Metering

The PRO meter can withstand up to 820V DC direct measurement. From 820V DC a Voltage Ratio Module (VRM) must be used, as described in the quick-start guide, available for download.
The VRM can withstand and measure voltages up to 3,000V DC and above.

Waveform Capture and Recording

  • Provides simultaneous capture for all voltage and current channels with choice of sample rate, up to 256 samples/cycle
  • Selectable pre-fault / post-fault recording length.

Variable Current Inputs

Available options:

  • Standard 1A or 5A current inputs
  • Flex Clamp: 200A/2V, 30A-300A-3000A/3V Rogowski coil
  • 40mA inputs, designed for:
    • DC metering: Current Measurements using Hall Effect Sensors
  • RS5: Special 5A input for 5A clip-on HACS for retrofit installation on existing MV/HV CT secondary.
  • GWP interface (current and voltage): 225mV inputs, interfacing Greenwood Power’s MV sensors

Revenue Grade Meter

  • Anti-tamper enclosure
  • Class 0.2S/0.2 per IEC 62053-22/ANSI 12.20
  • Advanced Time Of Use (TOU) features for complex billing schemes: 16 Energy sources include external digital pulses, up to 4 seasons, 4 daily profiles, 8 Tariffs, flexible automatic calendar

Logging Recording and Programming

  • Onboard memory: 16GB
  • Programmable controller: up to 64 control setpoints, up to 8 conditions OR, AND, arithmetical functions logic, extensive triggers, programmable thresholds and delays, relay control, event-driven data recording
  • Waveform sampling rate 32, 64, 128 or 256 samples per cycle
  • 1-ms resolution for digital inputs
  • 16 fast Data Recorders (16 parameters on each data log): From ½ cycle RMS to 2 hour RMS envelopes; programmable data logs on a periodic basis and on internal or external trigger
  • 32 digital internal counters for counting pulses from external sources and internal events
  • 16 internal programmable timers (½ cycle to 24 hours)


The PRO series is designed to comply with IEC/AS 62052-11, IEC 62053-22/24, IEC 61557-12 (PMD-Sx), EN 50470, WELMEC 7.2, MID MI-003 and ANSI C12.1/20 standards.

UL Listed.


Up to a total of 28 digital and analog I/O:

  • Built-in: 2 Digital Inputs + 1 form A solid state digital output + 1 analog input
  • Optional module: 4 Digital Inputs and 2 digital outputs (Solid State or Electro Mechanical)
  • Optional module: 4 Analog Outputs

Programmable Logical Controller

  • Embedded programmable controller
  • 64 control set points; programmable thresholds and delays
  • Relay output control
  • ½-cycle response time


PM335: 3.5” LCD TFT color Display, 320 × 480 dots resolution
EM235: 1.77” LCD TFT color Display, 120 × 160 dots resolution

Real Time Clock

  • Built-in clock and calendar functions
  • Typical error ±15 seconds per month / < 5 minutes/year @ 25˚C
  • 1ms synchronization over SNTP

Power Supply

Standard:  57.7-277V AC / 48-290V DC

AUX: 88-264V AC / 125-300V DC

DC AUX: 24V DC (9-36V DC)

Communication Ports

  • Standard 2-wire RS-485 serial
  • 2 x ETH 10/100Base-T (Dual Port Ethernet)
  • USB type-C

Communication Protocols

  • IEC 61850
  • Modbus RTU/TCP
  • DNP 3.0/TCP
  • IEC 60870-101/104

Meter Security

  • Three-level Password security for protecting meter setups and accumulated data from unauthorized changes
  • Anti-tamper design


EM235: DIN-rail sealable connection

PM335: Panel mount (4” round / 92×92mm square cutouts)

Plug-In Modules & External Accessories

The PRO Series’ modular configuration enables users to assemble a system that meets their specific needs.

Digital & Analog I/O Options

  • Built-in I/O: 2 digital inputs; 1 SSR output; 1 analog input
  • Add-on I/O: Up to 3 add-on I/O modules

Module Configuration

  • Up to 4 Expansion Modules Side by Side
  • Up to 2 expansion modules: self-energized
  • 3 expansion modules: requires additional module of AUX power supply


8 DI

8 optically isolated digital inputs, available as:

  • 24V dry contact
  • 24/48/125/250V AC/DC wet input

programmable de-bounce time from 1 ms to 1 sec
1ms sampling rate
1pps time synchronization


4 DO

4 optically isolated digital outputs, available as:

  • Electro-Mechanical relay, 250V / 5A AC
  • Solid-State Relay, 250V / 0.1A AC


Auxiliary Power Supply

  • 88-264V AC
  • 125-300V DC


DC Auxiliary Power Supply

24V DC (9-36V DC)


Hall Effect Power Supply (HEPS)

Module for powering Hall Effect Sensors

  • Power Input: 100-250V AC
  • Power Output: 4 x 15V DC


Voltage Ratio Module (VRM)

SATEC VRM Module is designed for connecting the PRO meters to DC voltage systems above meter rating (820V DC), ranging up to 3,000V DC and above

The PRO Series models are identical in functionality and differ only in physical appearance and mounting/installation options



DIN-rail Mount





Fits 4” round / 92×92mm square cutouts


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