The Digital Substation


For the past few years transmission and distribution system operators have gradually been shifting towards modernized connectivity. For analog, legacy substations, which often were equipped with no means for communication whatsoever, this means upgrade and retrofit. For newly designed and constructed substations this means designing entire multi-million-dollar platforms based mainly on IEC 61850 environments.

The concept behind the Digital Substation is to render the whole substation into a digital environment, converting as many analog signals as possible to digital ones and guaranteeing full equipment interoperability and connectivity. The desired upshot is increasing the reliability and speed of the crucial response time of these systems.

IEC 61850

IEC 61850 is one of the most common building blocks in this field, nearly synonymous with the Digital Substation. It is a protocol custom-designed for utility substations, specifically with IED interoperability in mind.

For over a decade SATEC has pioneered the implementation of this advanced communication protocol, starting with its flagship, the PM180 power quality analyzer. Ever since, SATEC has set the goal of implementing IEC 61850 in its leading products, new releases, as well as legacy products.

See below SATEC products featuring IEC 61850.


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