Multi-tenant Utility Billing


Challenges and SATEC's solutions

There are numerous examples of commercial property: shopping centers, office buildings, hospitals, condominiums etc. In all cases, a large property is split into many smaller commercial units, which are rented out as shops, offices or kiosks and the like to tenants of the property owner or manager.
Multitenant utility billing can be extremely complicated, since it involves dynamically managing many rental spaces, constantly switching hands and billing addressees.

A. Updated Tenant status per property

Occupants come and go in commercial properties. Making sure that billing cycles are stopped and resumed, at the exact date of changes in occupancy is one of the aspects involved.

Solutions: SATEC’s Expertpower energy management suite manages all clients and bills on one platform, enabling quick update and sync with ERP systems.


B. Surcharge management

Every user has a unique profile of energy spending, affected by the different electrical appliances in use and peak consumption. This involves, for example:

  • influence on power factor, often lowering it under the required standard
  • maximum power demand

Such factors ultimately affect the main bill, presented by the utility to the initial buyer: property management. A single user can be responsible for a surcharge.

Solutions: SATEC meters and software determine the individual components and users affecting these costs. This prevents management defaulting to foot surcharges alone, thus raising profitability.

C. The Energy “black hole”

Often enough, kWh billing issued for tenants, does not add up to utility billing received by management from its provider. This can be the result of a host of reasons, such as misuse and energy theft. Reasons that are more mundane include bad CT wiring, malfunctioning metering equipment and so forth.

The Energy Balance Solution: SATEC’s comprehensive solution includes simultaneous multichannel metering, resulting in a snapshot of incoming power and billed power. This ensures that all spent energy is accounted for and billed.


D. Multi-utility billing

Most tenants consume more than just electricity. Typical bills include water, gas and air-conditioning. All this constitutes an extra headache, for each of these utilities and an extra billing channel per tenant.

Solution: by means of numerous digital inputs, SATEC meters collect pulses, generated by 3rd party gas and water meters, indicating units of consumption (cubic meters for gas, water etc.). These pulses are, in turn, integrated into the Expertpower platform providing multi-utility bill to the tenants.

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