The PUE Challenge


Whether as on-premises data centers or as collocation centers, the challenge is similar. The computing infrastructure involved consumes enormous amounts of electricity, which ends up being a central expense and index of operational profitability. Optimization of the system for reduced and efficient energy consumption is top priority.

A facility manager strives for energy consumption in a facility to reflect mainly the energy consumption of the actual IT equipment. Elevated spending on other factors, namely, climate control, immensely needed for cooling the servers, indicates inefficient facility design and poor operational efficiency.

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Boost your PUE

A data center’s power efficiency is conventionally measured by a popular parameter called Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) = (Total Facility Power) / (IT Equipment Power). the closer the PUE value is to unity (1), the lower the spending on climate control or other factors, indicating efficiency. The higher the value (especially 2 or above) – the higher the need for intervention for achieving energetic efficiency optimization.

SATEC’s offer for reaching such optimization includes a unique implementation of its high-end metering equipment, with a special emphasis on multi-circuit meters, and the Expertpower Energy Management software suite. The two together enable online energy monitoring, alerting to irregular consumption and reflecting system efficiency. Being of revenue grade, our meters may also be used for billing purposes, which is an essential aspect of managed hosting.

Another edge which SATEC offers is the ability for direct metering of DC current. In attempt of maximizing efficiency, more and more data centers are now designed to operate on DC current. Accordingly, there is a growing need to be able to monitor these systems accurately and comprehensively.

SATEC offers DC metering on many of its products, including complementary products, such as the needed Hall Effect Sensors and their power supply and equipment for metering voltage of higher range (up to 3,000V DC). For more information, see link below to SATEC’s DC applications.

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