Renewable Energy


Renewable energy is on the move. This general term includes solar and wind energy. Various types of wind turbines harvest wind energy, while the primary conversion of solar energy is performed via photovoltaic (PV) panels. However, solar thermal technology is in use as well.

As with any form of energy production, these systems can operate anywhere between optimal efficiency and capacity, and sever unreliability and inefficiency. For reaching efficiency and optimization – detailed monitoring is of paramount importance.

Direct Current

Renewable energy also entails unique challenges such as the prevalence of DC power systems and more. These PV farms or wind farms are often related to as micro-grids, which must then interface the greater grid for energy export. This integration involves evolving standards issued by utilities to allow this interface. These standards deal with the various parameters crucial for healthy synchronization, such frequency and voltage. If not strictly followed, ramifications may be severe.

SATEC caters to these unique challenges. Please read our detailed white paper discussing SATEC’s approach to renewables and see below our solutions per aspect / challenge:

  1. DC metering
  2. ROI/revenue optimization
  3. Malfunction alerting
  4. Frequency monitoring
  5. Power-reverse relay
  6. Check-meter

For further information, please use link below for our DC-metering solution page.


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