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The RGM is a 5.7’’ color graphic touch-screen, used for the display of information such as real-time parameters, waveforms or phasor diagrams.
The RGM can interface one single device or up to 32 SATEC devices over serial communication, or up to 36 devices over 10/100 Base-T Ethernet.

  • 5.7” color touch-screen: TFT technology with LED backlight
  • Programmable system setup
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Plug & Play meter detection
  • Supports nearly all SATEC devices
  • Communication:
    • RS485
    • ETH
    • USB (type A)
    • IR

Compatible Devices

  • EM132/133
  • PM130 PLUS/PM135
  • PM172
  • PM174/175
  • BFM136
  • EM720/920
  • PM180


  • RS-485 communication port; up to 480kb/s
  • ETH 10/100Base-T

Physical Dimensions

  • Weight:  1.54 lbs / 0.7 kg
  • H×W×D: 7.1×8.7×1.9″ / 181×221×48 mm

Environmental / Durability

  • Wide range operating temperature: –20°C to +70°C / –4°F to +158°F
  • More than 500,000 touch screen operation lifetime

Power Supply

Dual power source (RGM180-G3)*:

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • External AC/DC-DC/DC.


*Can be connected in parallel


Designated for connecting to a single device, the RGM180-G1 is attached physically to the PM17x Series or to the PM180 analyzer, enhancing the user experience via this color touch-screen. The RGM180-G1 adds to the connected device full-speed USB 2.0 capabilities, via a built-in port.


Featuring all the G1 characteristics, the RGM180-G3 is used as a remote monitor for reading and controlling up to 32 units of any compatible SATEC devices (see Highlights tab) over RS-485, or up to 36 SATEC devices over 10/100 Base-T Ethernet.

This screen model must be Powered over Ethernet (PoE) or via an external power supply (supplied with unit).

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