Energy Efficiency and Energy Management


The Hole in Your Pocket

In a world experiencing unstable and ever-rising energy costs, the need for reduction in energy consumption and spending is at peak demand. This is accompanied by increased awareness of climate change and environmental concerns and the resulting efforts on cutting down on fossil fuels, which are still the backbone of energy production.

Substantial energy consumption is characteristic of all big facilities, public, commercial and industrial alike. Naturally, each sector experiences its own spending driving factors, requiring different solutions for optimization and cost reduction. However, the mere monitoring of consumption is the key to:

  1. Raising awareness for excess spending
  2. Locating and pinpointing irregular or suboptimal consumption
  3. Setting consumption goals and then monitoring and verifying progress

If You Can Measure It - You Can Fix It

This is where SATEC offers a full monitoring solution, enabling the optimization of industrial processes, HVAC spending in commercial and public facilities and many other consumption channels, common to all facilities.

A. Industrial

  • Monitor your industrial process
  • Prevent equipment burnout and failure via PQ monitoring
  • Break down consumption per department
  • Consumption forecast

B. Commercial / public facilities

  • Monitor chiller COP / efficiency
  • Detect misuse and energy leaks
  • Detect faulty metering and CT wiring
  • Prevent water leaks and flooding via alerts
  • Bill for public domain

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