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Direct Current Power Metering

DC Power Systems

Many modern power systems are now DC based. Direct current is the raw output of renewable energy, it is the current applied in energy storage, import and export, and in the aluminum smelting process.

As modern electronics consume DC current, entire ecosystems, such as data-centers, are often designed for DC power, to avoid multiple inversion. To this end SATEC has developed a unique platform for the accurate metering of DC systems.

The PRO Series

Using Hall Effect Sensors, we have adapted the PRO Series analyzers for Direct Current metering. This enables the DC market to benefit from all the PRO Series’ highly accurate metering and advanced data-logging and communications. This high-end solution includes:

  • Measuring 4 DC current circuits with one device
  • IEC 61850
  • Built-in ETH interface

SATEC offers as well accessories for powering the sensors and for enabling metering at an extended DC voltage range. SATEC’s DC metering solution is highly accurate and functionally versatile.


The PM130

Utilizing shunt resistors, the PM130 offers a basic cost-effective DC metering solution, suitable for retrofit installation in facilities where the shunts are already in place. This is the case quite often in the telecom market.

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