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The SATEC Story

Where Power Quality and Scientific Accuracy meet Human Commitment

When Prof. Branover founded SATEC back in 1987, his vision for it went beyond creating a profitable business for pioneering power analysis. His focus was on providing employment for a wave of immigrants who were about to flock from the former Soviet Union to Israel in the early 1990s and of whom many were highly educated engineers.



As an immigrant himself, who is also a renowned professor of physics, he appreciated the need for a fitting work environment. However, more than just promoting a social project, Prof. Branover wanted to demonstrate that there was also a profitable incentive in this approach.

Throughout its evolvement, SATEC has remained a leading force in the community, always opening its doors to the public.
This comes in form of school trips, visits of community leaders, summer jobs offered to high school youths during summer vacation and permanent employment for challenged individuals.

We at SATEC believe that we benefit from these interactions by far more than they would be perceived to be, as our contribution to the community.


Thirty six years later, SATEC has proven to be everything Prof. Branover expected of it and much more. Being a home and family to many of the said immigrants, SATEC benefitted beyond measure from these experts who developed and implemented the most innovative ideas in power measurement and telemetry, always affirming SATEC’s place as a global front-runner.

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