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High Accuracy Current Sensors

SATEC’s HACS concept CTs are designed to bring accuracy in energy metering and the safety of your facility to a new level.
With over 100,000 units installed in different commercial, industrial, residential and utility applications, SATEC’s HACS CTs are your go-to for a safe facility, easy installation and high accuracy, which is what metering is all about.


  • Superior accuracy
  • No shorting blocks needed
  • Minimal cost for retrofit installation
  • Remote installation: up to 200m

  • Safety Switch: All HACS have a built-in automatic protection circuit for maximum safety, eliminating the need to use shorting bars.
  • High Accuracy: Solid Core: 0.1% / Split Core: 0.5%.

All HACS are supplied with 8ft / 2.5m cable. Maximum cable length: 650ft / 200m.

Note: the selection of HACS varies according to your choice of instruments.

Available Models and Dimensions

CS05S 10A Split Ø 0.6″ / 16mm
CS1 100A Solid Ø 0.5″ / 12mm
CS1L 100A Solid Ø 0.9″ / 23mm
CS1S 100A Split Ø 0.6″ / 16mm
CS1H 100A Split Ø 0.5″ / 13mm
CS2 200A Solid Ø 0.9″ / 23mm
CS2S 200A Split 0.96×0.9″ / 25×23mm
CS2SL 200A Split 1.7×1.3″ / 43×33mm
CS2.5 250A Split 0.96×0.9″ / 25×23mm
CS4 400A Solid Ø 1″ / 26mm
CS4S 400A Split 1.7×1.3″ / 43×33mm
CS8 800A Solid 4×1.3″ / 32×100mm
CS8S 800A Split 1.9×3.1″ / 50×80mm
CS12S 1200A Split 3.1×4.7″ / 80×120mm
CS20S 2000A Split 3.1×6.3″ / 80×160mm
CS30S 3000A Split 3.1×6.3″ / 80×160mm

Standard Compliance

  • IEC 61869-1 Instrument transformers – Part 1: General requirements
  • IEC 61869-2 Instrument transformers – Part 2: Additional requirements for current transformers

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Our software packages complete our product line, offering a total solution for your power system. SATEC’s on-line service, eXpertpower, collects, archives and analyses energy and power quality data. eXpertpower allows multiple users to view data, create automated billing, produce sophisticated reports and implement energy.

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