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Where Excellence Drives Precision and Innovation

Founded in 1987, SATEC is a market leader in the field of power quality analysis and power metering. SATEC was one of the first companies to pioneer this field, introducing one of the very first digital power meters, and ever since SATEC has made its priority to lead and innovate. For over 35 years now, prominent global utilities and industrial leaders have made SATEC their go-to choice, for both off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions, for telemetry and energy management, working together with us on product design. SATEC designs, develops and manufactures in-house its full range of products, hardware and software alike.

Quality, Reliability and Durability

Quality is reliability. Reliability mirrors hardware durability and clockwork functionality.

For over 35 years of global growth, development and evolution, SATEC solutions have incorporated the most stringent requirements of utilities and users from all over the globe. Our products have come to comply with harsh environmental requirements, maintaining functionality in temperatures as low as -40C and as high as 70C. Drastic surge protection requirements (12kV) and humidity resistance requirement up to 98% are examples as well.

Our clients have learned to invest in SATEC systems, because our power inputs include galvanic isolation. Because our communication ports will not burn out during thunderstorms and since the communication speed supplied is unmatchable.



Aspiring to tailor-fit clients with optimized performance per cost, SATEC takes modularity to the extreme, presenting equipment and software available as basic platforms for further upgrade and expansion with diverse selectable functionality and a variety of ports and features.

“All in One”

Enabled by the described modular approach, our devices can host an astounding variety of functionalities. A power quality analyzer can perform not only as such, but rather serve simultaneously as Fault Recorder, Phasor Measurement Unit (per IEEE C37.118) and Bay Controller or transducer, extensively utilizing modular expansion options. This allows revolutionary and cost-effective substation design.


The modern substation and industrial facility rely on real-time monitoring and response. This is enabled by advanced SCADA systems, communication infrastructure and device connectivity. For this we make sure to equip our devices with versatile hardware interfaces and communication protocols. Communication speed and reliability are crucial for real-time applications which is why we ensure that our products perform at unbeatable response time.


If you are measuring power, you want to do so accurately. Otherwise, why bother? SATEC devices introduce a “one-CT” concept, doing away with the extra error factor incurred by external current transformers. This is accomplished by means of integral remote CTs – The HACS (High Accuracy Current Sensors).

SATEC has also made sure to comply with the most advanced standard for accuracy in Power Metering and Monitoring Devices (IEC 61557-12:2018), exceeding the standard kWh metering standard (IEC 62053-22).


Power Quality Analysis

At the heart of SATEC instruments lies the functionality of Power Quality Analyzer. This is our expertise. Offering equipment certified as Class A, per IEC 61000-4-30 Edition 3 (2015), SATEC prides itself with being a global leader in power quality monitoring and analysis.

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Substation Power Monitoring

SATEC power-meters the go-to product for statistical metering and SCADA-driven control departments in utilities for metering HV and MV substations. Combined with advanced control functionality (I/O) and advanced connectivity, SATEC meters are often applied as "mini RTUs".

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Industrial Power Metering & Energy Management

Today’s industrial sector has high awareness of energy optimization and reduced carbon footprint. Real-time, accurate power-metering is a crucial building block in a modernized and efficient power system. Monitoring power and energy consumption is not only means of saving on energy expenses but also provides a health-check of the manufacturing infrastructure, predicting and alerting of system failures and overloading, thus mitigating losses resulting from equipment burnout and breakdown, and ultimately production shutdown.

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Commercial Revenue Metering

All SATEC meters feature a minimum accuracy of Class 0.2S/0.5S, per IEC 62053-22 for kWh readings, exceeding minimal revenue-meter requirements. Offering multi-channeled meters, UL and MID certified meters and unique SAAS billing platforms, SATEC caters to commercial users and property managers such as shopping centers, office buildings and so forth.

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