The Public Sector


A Unique Segment

When it comes to energy management, the public sector is quite unique within the range of energy consumers.

Industrial facilities have a clear demand for lowering energy spending which is often the   largest production expense, clearly impacting the cost of production and profitability. In the case of multi-tenant commercial facilities, such as shopping centers and office buildings, efficient utility billing is a method for preventing related losses and even enabling extra revenue in electricity retail. Good management of energy spending in common areas, achieved by comprehensive monitoring of HVAC, elevators and so forth are all part of a corporation’s OPEX, driving its profit margins either up or down.

Taking the Responsible Approach

Public facilities may include all those which run by bodies which are government run or non-profit run: hospitals, universities, municipality-run facilities and so forth. In all such cases there is often an absence of a designated persona who is responsible for energy efficiency, answering for sub-par performance.

Nonetheless, a responsible approach dictates that the same standards held for achieving energy efficiency and saving within the commercial world must apply. While operation will most certainly differ, along with characteristic electricity consumption patterns, the goal and method stay the same: rigorous monitoring of all energy consumption and increasing awareness of expenditure within the organization. This in turn cultivates team effort for individual awareness cutting down on consumption.

Lowering our carbon footprint is a universal goal. Let’s make a joint effort toward this.

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