Industrial Energy Management


The Dollar Guzzler

Traditional industries comprise an extremely wide segment of the global market. Ranging from mining through oil production and refining and all types of manufacturing, this sector is by far the global leader of electricity consumption [1].

With energy consumption and spending being such a key factor of costs, the need of efficiency and conservation is high and harbors an extremely short and rewarding Return on Investment.


Let's save some money, shall we?

SATEC has been serving the industrial sector for many years and we have accumulated vast experience and recommended applications and solutions, including:

  • Energy efficiency:
    learn more of how you can boost your facility’s performance
  • Machinery health-check:
    Prevent machinery breakdown and loss of production
  • Avoid overloading and motor burnout
    Monitor consumption and configure alerts and emergency power-down
  • DC metering
    Applicable for renewables, data centers, smelting and more
  • Hazard prevention by monitoring power quality
    Use advanced PQ parameters to detect and solve problems

Please see examples below of case-studies from specific users to examine which scenario fits your enterprise and facility best.




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