SATEC's solution for billing and revenue metering includes various energy meters, multiple communication platforms and comprehensive management software. The solution is optimized for sub-tenant billing, checking utility bills and demand forecasting for optimizing costs.


Sub-tenant billing is common in various facilities such as apartments, student dormitories, shopping centers and data centers. SATEC's ExpertPower solution controls the whole system, and offers Time Of Use (TOU) energy metering as well as complete Invoicing management. In addition, it supports billing of any type of energy, such as Electricity, Water, Gas, Air conditioning and Steam, via SATEC Power Meters or 3rd party devices. All SATEC Power Meters allow connection to digital pulse inputs from other energy meters.


Detection of utility over charges is done by installing a SATEC check meter in parallel to the utility meter, generating a draft bill, and comparing the results. The high accuracy of the meters, typically several times more accurate than the utility’s, as well as the comprehensive calculation options in ExpertPower, guarantees correct measurement and makes it easy for claims referred to the utility.


Demand forecast enables proper plans of generation as well as optimizing the consumption, particularly in today’s markets of fluctuating energy costs and various generation methods.


  SATEC Billing & Revenue Metering Catalog