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IEEE 1159 Power Quality Analyzer

The PM174 is an analyzer providing the full range of power quality monitoring and reporting, according to the IEEE 1159 standard.*
Equipped with built-in digital I/Os and a serial communication interface supporting SCADA-driven protocols, it is suitable for integration in utility substation or industrial SCADA systems. Its powerful LED 7-segment display shines visibly in the darkest environments, facilitating a quick reading of crucial power parameters on-site. Likewise, it is equipped with a LED load-bar, enabling the viewing of load percentage at a glance.

* For EN50160 analysis see PM175


Accuracy: Class 0.2 per ANSI C12.20
Power Quality

  • IEEE 1159 reports
  • Waveform capture and event recording


  • Built-in: RS485
  • Optional ports: ETH; 2G/3G; Profibus
  • Open protocol: Modbus RTU; DNP3.0; Profibus

Digital & Analog I/O

up to 8 I/O

Multi-option Current Inputs

  • 5A or 1A
  • 40mA for HACS CTs (100-3,000A)
  • special input: clip-on 5A HACS for retrofit

Broad-range Voltage Inputs: 120-690V AC nominal

LED Bar-graph: Displays load as percentage of nominal current

Digital Fault Recorder

DFR version, supplied with 100A Split Core HACS CTs for recording fault up to 20 x In (5A) and 100A transient recording

ABB MV Sensor Interface

ABB Medium Voltage sensors were designed for protection systems.
In cooperation with ABB, SATEC provides a unique metering solution, by adapting the 17x series analyzers to interface with these sensors for high-accuracy measurement.

  • KEVA/KECA/KEVCY/KEVCD current/voltage sensors (see Spec tab for a detailed list of ABB tested and approved sensors)
  • ABB tested and approved

Available Range:

  • 20-650A
  • 200-4,000A


  • Class 0.2 per ANSI C12.20
  • Class 0.2 per IEC 61557-12

Power Meter

  • Power: True RMS volts, amps, power, power factor, neutral current, angles and unbalance for voltage and current, frequency, symmetrical components and many more
  • Event and parameter data-logging
  • Sampling frequency: 128 samples per cycle

Power Quality

  • IEEE1159 monitoring, statistics & reports
  • Event statistics complimented by waveform recording
    in 6 channels (3 voltage inputs, 3 current inputs) @ 128 samples/cycle
  • Voltage and current harmonics and THD coefficients up to the 50th order harmonic
  • Inter-harmonics
  • Directional power harmonics
  • Flicker according to IEC 61000-4-15

Data Logger

  • Time-of-Use (TOU), 8 totalization and tariff energy/demand registers x 8 tariffs, 4 seasons x 4 types of days, 8 tariff changes per day, easy programmable tariff schedule
  • Event recorder for logging internal diagnostic events and setup changes
  • 16 data recorders; programmable data logs on a periodic basis and on any internal and external trigger

Variable Current Inputs

Available options:

  • 5A
  • 1A
  • HACS: special 40mA inputs for SATEC’s High Accuracy Current Sensors
  • RS5: special 5A inputs for 5A clip-on HACS for retrofit installation on existing MV/HV CT secondary.
  • ABB Sensor Interface (see below)

Voltage Input Rating Options

  • 120V AC Nominal voltage
  • 690V AC Nominal voltage

ABB MV Sensor Interface

Specific sensors tested by ABB for compatibility with the PM174 in the following current ranges:

  • 20-650A
  • 200-4,000A

Current sensors

  • Type KECA 80 Cxxx (C104, C165, C184, C216, C260)
  • KECA 80 C85
  • KECA 80 D85

Voltage sensors

  • type KEVA 17,5B20, 5B21
  • type KEVA 24B20, 24B21
  • type KEVA 24C10, 24C21, 24C22, 24C23, 24C24, 24C25, 24C26, 24C30
  • type KEVA 24C10c 24C21c, 24C22c, 24C23c, 24C24c, 24C25c, 24C26c; “c” stands for Metal coated (conductive surface)
  • KEVA 24C2 4.1
    KEVA 24C2 4.1c; “c” stands for Metal coated (conductive surface)

Combined voltage and current sensors

  • KEVCY 24 RE1
  • KEVCD A. Sensor name codes : KECVD 12 AE3, KEVCD 17.5 AE3 , KECVD 24 AE3.

Built-in I/O

  • 2 Digital Outputs: 3A/250 VAC; 3A/30 VDC; 2 contacts (SPST Form A)
  • 2 Digital Inputs: (dry contact; 15V Internal power supply)

Additional I/O

ONE of the following options may be added per device:

4 Digital I/O

  • 2 Digital Inputs + 2 Digital Outputs

2 Analog Inputs
available rating:

  • ±1mA
  • 0-20mA
  • 0-1mA
  • 4-20mA

2 Analog Outputs
available rating:

  • ±1mA
  • 0-20mA
  • 0-1mA
  • 4-20mA
  • 0-5mA
  • ±5mA

Programmable Logical Controller

  • Embedded programmable controller
  • 16 control set points; programmable thresholds and delays
  • Relay output control (for alarm and protection)
  • ½-cycle response time


  • 3-row (2×4 characters + 1×6 characters) bright LED display, adjustable update time, auto-scroll option with adjustable page exposition time, auto-return to a default page
  • LED bar graph showing percent load with respect to user-definable nominal load current
  • Detachable display module with a 3-wire RS-485 interface; up to 1000 meters operation

Real Time Clock

  • Built-in clock and calendar functions
  • 2 year battery backup

Communication interfaces


  • RS-485
  • RS-232/422

Optional/additional: (1 per device):

  • ETH 10/100Base-T
  • 2G/3G/4G modem

Communication Protocols

  • Modbus
  • DNP3.0
  • Profibus

Power Supply

Default: 85-265V AC / 88-290V DC

Additional options:

  • 9.6-19V DC
  • 19-37V DC
  • 37-72V DC

Meter Security

3 levels Password security for protecting meter setups and accumulated data from unauthorized changes


  • 92X92mm square
  • 4’’ round cutout
  • DIN-rail mounting – optional

Models vary according to selected display.



Bright 7-segment LED display.



5.7″ touchscreen graphic color display.



No Display. Transducer version.
Display may be ordered separately and added as remote display.

Digital I/O

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