PM180 IEC 61131 PLC Configuration

A new PM180 programming tool allows configuration of the setpoint logic in accordance to IEC 61131 (formerly IEC 1131). It is an IEC standard for programmable controllers and makes the task of setting easier, by using graphical flowcharts that are common to all devices.

IEC 61131 is an international standard for programmable logic controllers, first published in December 1993 by the IEC. The current (third) edition was published in February 2013. Part 3 of IEC 61131 deals with basic software architecture and programming languages of the control program within PLC.

SATEC developed special software enabling to program the logic of the SATEC PM180 according to the standard. This software supports two languages:

  1. Ladder diagram (LD)
  2. Function block diagram (FBD)

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