If you can't measure it – you can't improve it!

The first and most important step for any energy saving and increasing energy efficiency is to know the existing consumption. Various studies, as well as field installations, prove that average saving from appliance level energy monitoring can be up to 30%, with an average saving of 12%.

SATEC comprehensive solutions for energy management allows reduction of energy costs and improve energy efficiency in various aspects, such as:

  • Improving energy efficiency in industrial plants, by allocating the energy consumption and costs of each load
  • Energy balance calculations and alerts, can detect unmeasured loads, measurement mistakes as well as efficiency and health of transformers
  • Detection of energy leaks is helpful for both energy saving and preventive maintenance, as leaks may indicate an upcoming failure
  • Identifying exceptional transformer and cable losses to save energy and detect potential failures ahead of time
  • Prevention of peak demand and low power factor surcharges, both to the facility level and down to load level
  • Calculation of energy baseline, normalized to operational and environmental conditions (such as temperature or work load) to allow correct implementation energy saving and energy efficiency equipment