DC Measurement

Systems which either produce or consume direct current are becoming commonplace. This includes commercial clients and industrial applications, raising the demand for accurate metering of DC systems. SATEC has adapted several products for compatibility with DC metering via Hall Effect sensors. This now allows accurate metering of DC systems, combining the familiar SATEC features of datalogging, high-accuracy and our advanced communication protocols and control options.
Applications: kWh DC Power Meter, DC Billing Meter, DC Circuits Monitoring, Bi-directional DC meter

 Renewable Energy + DC Storage

Solar PV panels and wind turbines are a growing source of energy which involves DC electricity production. The need to monitor these systems, providing accurate energy measurement before conversion to AC is crucial for reflecting true efficiency and conversion losses.

Transportation + EV

Countries are investing considerably in mass transportation infrastructure, largely implying railways of all sorts. Electrification is the modern norm, with systems designed quite often for DC current, making DC power measurement of paramount importance.

DC Datacenters

Running 24/7, operators are in a constant drive for a better Power Usage Effectiveness of the energy consumed by the servers. Datacenters based on DC system architecture are a trend which is more economical with equipment, requiring less space and maintenance, while at the same time improving reliability and efficiency.

Industrial Processing

Electrochemical processes, such as aluminum smelting, are conducted in direct current. Consuming an extraordinary amount of energy, these processes are extremely sensitive to changes in current supply, making accurate metering crucial. Another commonplace example for a DC application is battery charging.