Wide Area Monitoring Systems

The Electrical Power Ecosystem

Since its inception, electrical power has been put to use by means of a multi-level electrical grid. Like a great neural map, it is elaborate and interconnected. Whereas the grid used to be operated in a centralized state-run fashion, the modern grid includes many micro-grids, which are independently operated energy sources, presenting yet further challenges.

As an ecosystem, the slightest disturbance generated in a specific location can instigate an event resulting in full power outage. This entails a double challenge. The one: enabling a rigorous and reliable post-event analysis of data recorded during such occurrences. The other: perfecting the accuracy and communication speed of monitoring systems to actually detect, extrapolate and prevent such events in real-time.

PMU per IEEE C37.118.1

Monitoring voltage and current and the derivatives of grid frequency (Rate of Change of Frequency) alone is enough for being able to trace the origin of an event or to plot an imminent one. The requirements for this tracking have been regulated in the IEEE C37.118 Standard for Synchrophasor Measurement for Power Systems.

SATEC has entered this advanced field of solutions, offering a Phasor Measurement Unit, or PMU in short, as a module for the PM180 power quality analyzer. Complying with both P-Class and M-Class requirements, and combining its all-in-one functionalities and features, our PMU stands out as a unique solution.

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